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I-réel is a creative digital agency specialized in communication
and advertising for luxury brands.
We create films and still images, websites and interactive applications

founded more than 15 years ago, I-réel has established with most of their client a longlasting and trustfull relationship.

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There is no blue without yellow and without orange.

Vincent Van Gogh


Raphael Garrigues : founding partner
Henri Hayon : creative director / founding partner
Alain Laurans : creative director / founding partner

Joanna Brunet : project manager / partner
Clémentine Oliveau : project manager

Bruno Jean : 3D artist / partner
Simon Ravet : motion design artist / partner
Kevin Lieber : motion design artist
Ladislas Lepoutre : 3D artist
Julien Crochet : 3D artist

Damien Martinet : development

Hélène Chevalier : executive assistant

Adrien Kelejian : intern
Corinne Lê : intern

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