About i-reel

We are a creative team.
From the first idea to the delivery we do everything (except the music).
This is what we love !

Understanding a brand’s image intimately is an invaluable asset when developing a consistant communication strategy

We create stories and concepts. We draw story boards and elaborate mood boards. We write texts. We prepare shooting with a constant obsession for details: we make technical choices for the best result, cast the models , prepare the set, choose the shooting location. From the very beginning of this preparation we integrate each person that will be involved : Fx team, D.O.P, grips…

We have our own studios, where we experiment, test and invent new ways of creating images. We have engineered our own motion-control devices and developed tools to enable bridges between 3D softwares and the camera control. This makes us one of the most experimented agencies in the field of timepiece pack-shots for instance. We are using any technique that best suits our story: full CGI, live action, animation or a mix. When using real images and CGI altogether it is almost impossible to detect which part of the image is reel and which is CGI.

As we can easily produce the contents, it became obvious early on there were many opportunities to diversify. This is why we have always been developing websites, Apps, training lessons and other digital tools.

This global approach can be fully incorporated by a brand in the development of a project : first with CAD modeling tools we can produce a large amount of views and short 360° simulations for validation. We can then produce 3D printed prototypes with a wide choice of materials and finishings. After the model is validated we can deliver CAD files for mould production. Later we can  transform and use the 3D files for creating a movie for marketing and communication purposes. They can also be used for the production of realistic pack-shots for catalogs and advertising. Once the product is launched we can create didactical content, either for the end user of the product (users manuals) or for the sells advisors (training tools). For this we are able to produce contents, but also the supports (websites, printed catalogs, training platforms and lessons).

This holistic capacity of following and bringing to life a project is indeed what we love !

Our fields of expertise


Inventing stories, imagining new ways to film a product, designing an interface, engineering motion control devices, drawing a striking motion design, conceiving a training lesson: it all has to do with creativity. And by creativity we understand: thinking out of the box, understanding our clients needs and philosophy, questioning what has already been made, drinking coffee, debating, condensing and simplifying ideas, laughing, drawing a lot, sweating and finally coming up with an idea that fits every aspect of the brief.


When it comes to create images, we don’t leave it to anyone else. We do it ourselves: in our studios, or in any other location if the story needs it. As a production company we can hire technicians for the complex shootings. We have gathered around us a team that works on almost all of our shootings.
We do the production, guarantying us a control over the costs.
We direct the movies, in a close relation with our D.O.P, to get the best images, and to stick to the concept and the story board.

FX and post production

The long process of de-rushing, then processing images according to a strict workflow is operated in our studio. We then do the editing, the special effects, color grading and final rendering of the movie.
Thanks to our studio team we can add very complex effects, using either CGI, mate painting, or any other relevant technics.
For very specific effects, it is also a major advantage to be in Paris and benefit from a large concentration of cinema and animation specialists, who can spend few days working with the team in our studio.

CGI : films and still images

We have started to use 3D tools so long ago that we have build a significant experience, continuously enriched by the curiosity and the passion of our team, constantly trying new technics.
Our knowledge in the field of objects rendering is now so complete, that we create hyper realistic 3D renderings for printed catalogs for some of the most luxurious brands.
This enables the brands to make changes up until the last minute without having to produce a new prototype for shooting. It also guarantees a strong image consistency between the different products.

graphic design – art direction

As we often act in a global communication plan, our strength lays in this capacity to keep a strong consistency in the brand’s image. This is why our clients often commission us to design websites, digital tools, apps and even small catalogs.
Our large scope of expertise allows us to be really reactive in the production of the contents. For instance in the domain of training tools, this enables us to design a very ergonomic and simple to use platform for trainees and administrators, with a strong coherence to the brand image. But we are also able to design the lessons, with a high didactical content (films, animations, graphics), with a qualitative and attractive design.


development:APPs, TRAINING AND MORE.

We strongly believe that digital culture is a whole.  Training tools and lessons, Apps, websites contents, presentation tools, we can produce everything to ensure that we deliver digital contents in the best conditions and to extend the reach of our concepts. Added to our good experience in ergonomics and interactivity, this enables us to suggest innovative solutions for communication tools.
We also have developed a large experience in the field of e-learning and training solutions. We have created wide international platforms for thousands of trainees in several languages, centralized activity monitoring and normalized SCORM standards to ensure lessons can be produced by any supplier. But we also work on much more modest solutions, depending on our client situation and problematics.

Insanity :
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein

Technical infrastructure

We have settled in our own facilities in Bagnolet so that we could ensure the best infrastructure, based on our own needs. This former bicycle manufacture was fully renovated and transformed so that we could develop and experiment all our tools.

in house tools


shooting facilities

Up to 320 m2 of shooting studios: our main studio located just beneath the post-production space is fully equiped for packshot and small object shooting. It can be supplemented by two larger studios for larger scenes, located in the same building.  

motion control devices

In house engineered 8 axis motion control device enables us to create incredible pack-shots in motion.
These movement are an amazing added value for the reveal of a product. It also enables us to have a completely matching video stacking, so that each material can be shot with the needed lighting for a perfect rendering of a product. It also gives us the capacity to integrate a real object in a totally virtual universe, with a flawless camera matching.


360° packshot device

In house developed device for highly aesthetic, yet fast 360° production.
Most of the brands are in need to show a 360° view of the product they will sell on their websites. Producing a large amount of 360° views, with a highly demanding visual quality, and a reasonable budget is now conceivable, thanks to our device.


Render Farm

We have settled our new offices in a former bicycle manufacture that we have completely rebuilt, in order to integrate our own render farm in a specifically conditioned room. It is equipped with 82  i7 Quad core blades and its capacity can be increased up to 160 blades, for a total amount of 145 THz of computing power.

the studio


Set in the conserved part of the building made of iron and bricks, with a windowed rooftop, our creative team is working  in a luminous and green environment. This main area consists in 20 workstations, and 3 realtime  editing stations. Management and project management is settled in attending office.

Culture and Values

On time, always

As we often say, we are rarely ahead of schedule, but we are never late ! We will improve the quality, and the tiniest details until the last minute.

Seriously relax

We do serious things, without taking ourselves too seriously.
The most important for us is to work in a good atmosphere, but with in mind the high quality requirement that will make your project perfect.

Long term relationship

Some of our clients are working with us since our creation, and that's a long time ! Most of our contacts bring us with them in their career changes. Our philosophy is to build with our clients a long and trustful relationship.


Raphael Garrigues : founding partner
Henri Hayon : creative director / founding partner
Alain Laurans : creative director / founding partner

Joanna Brunet : project manager / partner
Mathilde Tournois : project manager
Blandine Martineau : project manager

Bruno Jean : 3D Lead / partner
Fadia Hamam : 3D artist
Benjamin Laizet : 3D artist
Gaspard Chaumette : 3D artist
Benjamin Reynolds : 3D artist Intern

Simon Ravet : Motion Design Lead / partner
Jonathan Rayé : Art direction
Danielle Condé : Motion Design
Léon Gazel : Editing and Motion Design
Émeline Thévenin : Intern, Motion Design

Elodie Marguillier : executive assistant