Live Shooting
50 sec


Cartier International wants to create a slow motion film to present the new Santos de Cartier watch within the Cartier sales areas.

While being part of the Cartier graphic charter, the film must illustrate the two new features of the model: the interchangeability of the bracelet and the adjustment system of the links.

it is necessary, moreover, of recalling the Cartier codes and the Santos universe (iconic shape, satin / brushed contrasts, etc.).

The film is created from real images filmed during a shooting and 3D images made by us. This film was conceived in a vertical format, and then declined into square and horizontal shape.

Concept & Intentions

We chose to present the Santos watch in a very contrasted and "Metallic" univers, particularly inspired by the satin-brushed contrast of the case of the piece.

Through plays of light, the film gradually reveals to the spectators the Cartier codes and the design elements of the Santos.
We use the chiaroscuro - shades of light that contrast with a dark background - to set the film in a mysterious atmosphere. By scanning the surfaces, the light emphasize the contours and curves of the watch and models the volumes.

We create a very graphic universe for this film, with scale plays (micro-macro), empty and full contrasts, graphic and mastered frames.



Music by Circonflex Prod