Origins Of Time

Jaeger Lecoultre
CGI and Shooting
2 min 40 sec

concept: From the infinitely close to the infinitely large


We chose to tell a story, a journey

We imagined a film composed with five chapters.

As, step by step, we move away from earth we explore the calendar complications :

On earth: the origins, the discovery through nature of the time elapsing
The moon: with a look that rises skywards, the observation of the moon’s phases
The rotation of the earth: the inclination of the earth as a watchmaking model
Comets: sources of extraordinary materials
The solar system: the union of all these elements in a system to represent time

A voice is guiding us in this exploration
It raises our eyes from the infinitely close to the infinitely large





The sand between your fingers
The silent rhythm of seasons
The intangible made visible through nature
I am the eye on the horizon
The intuition of time and measure
I am an instrument

The infinite cycle of tides and life
The closest unreachable
The shadow that can eclipse the sun
I am a look above the curve of the earth
The first step of one longest exploration
I am a companion

The perpetual fall of the moon,
The unbalanced oscillation of days and nights
A force that connects worlds
I am a distant vision of the planet
The observation of a perfect arrangement
I am a mechanism

The elusive messengers that carry your wishes
The enlightened veil of comets:
Falling brightness turned into shining stones
I am a glimpse of an even wider immensity
The pulsation of life spreading into emptiness
I am a masterpiece

Wonders revolving around the axis of their own universe
The dance of stars and constellations
The expanding immobility of time and space
I am an opened window over infinity
A whole new world on your wrist
I am Jaeger-LeCoultre


messages delivered:

Calendar Timepieces

Exploring from the earth into the solar system, we travel, one by one, through the iconic calendar complications.


For each chapter of the film, in connection with the presented timepiece, we highlight a color, a material and an expertise. The eye raising skywards is paralleled with that of the craftsman.


Using an unexpected way to tell for a manufacture, and with a strong bias in the form, Jaeger-LeCoultre is demonstrating its creativity in watchmaking as in its communication.


The emotion carried by a voice, moves the viewer into a unique experience, and induces a much stronger intimacy with the brand.

Music : “The Poet Acts”, by Philip Glass.