Imperial splendours

Shooting & Motion design
1 min 40 sec

The art of jewellery since the 18th century

Set in the Palace Museum, Beijing (formerly known as the Forbidden City), the exhibition reveals Chaumet history, its traditions and creations while defining the contours of a style, language and visual codes that engage in a continuous dialogue with the great artistic movements of the times.
Some 300 works, jewels, paintings, drawings and objets d’art, illustrate Chaumet’s characteristic “art of jewellery”. Prestigious collections and prominent museums have come together to support the event, namely the Musée du Louvre, the Château de Fontainebleau and the Victoria and Albert Museum of London. Through a selection of works belonging to the Palace Museum, the exhibition offers an exchange between the Chinese and French jewellery arts.

Chaumet commissioned I-réel for several tasks, to prepare and communicate on the exhibition :

– the creation of a teaser movie, to introduce the exhibition to the Chinese audience.
– the creation of a website to present the exhibition, through a large selection of pieces.
– the shooting of about 20 historical jewels, presented in the exhibition, the website, and several communication channels.
– the shooting of the XXIst century tiara, designed by Scott Armstrong for Chaumet.

Teaser Movie


The film is a virtual journey from Paris to Beijing, from the place Vendôme to the Forbidden City, through the subjective vision of a mysterious woman … She walks at night in Paris and enters the Chaumet building. In this imaginary futuristic building she discovers all the jewellery pieces displayed in large transparent screens. She chooses the ones she wants to bring with her. At the end of her visit, she touches a wall that opens on the Meridian Gate in Beijing, where she will deliver her selection.



The website was conceived to be visible in one single scroll. It is divided into 9 main steps : an introduction to the exhibition, 7 galleries and a press access. The transition from one screen to another is made with a gradient pattern, evolving to cover with color the previous screen. Each pattern is directly inspired from the Palace Museum iconography.


Each gallery displays the objects in 2 different scales : a general view to get the shape of the object and a close-up to enable the visitor to apprehend the quality of the jewel. The gallery is first displayed “closed”. The design of each gallery is inspired by the window display created by the scenographer. It opens when the visitor clicks on an object.

The colors of the galleries are directly inspired by the Meridian Gate pavilion, and by the actual scenography colors.

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Historical jewels

In order to present some of the most impressive jewels in an immersive manner, we shot them with our motion control device. Each jewel was carefully mounted by us on a specific prop, built for the occasion.



Music by Circonflex Prod