Insanity :
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein

Technical infrastructure

We have settled in our own facilities in Bagnolet so that we could ensure the best infrastructure, based on our own needs. This former bicycle manufacture was fully renovated and transformed so that we could develop and experiment all our tools.

in house tools


shooting facilities

Up to 320 m2 of shooting studios: our main studio located just beneath the post-production space is fully equiped for packshot and small object shooting. It can be supplemented by two larger studios for larger scenes, located in the same building.  

motion control devices

In house engineered 8 axis motion control device enables us to create incredible pack-shots in motion.
These movement are an amazing added value for the reveal of a product. It also enables us to have a completely matching video stacking, so that each material can be shot with the needed lighting for a perfect rendering of a product. It also gives us the capacity to integrate a real object in a totally virtual universe, with a flawless camera matching.


360° packshot device

In house developed device for highly aesthetic, yet fast 360° production.
Most of the brands are in need to show a 360° view of the product they will sell on their websites. Producing a large amount of 360° views, with a highly demanding visual quality, and a reasonable budget is now conceivable, thanks to our device.


Render Farm

We have settled our new offices in a former bicycle manufacture that we have completely rebuilt, in order to integrate our own render farm in a specifically conditioned room. It is equipped with 82  i7 Quad core blades and its capacity can be increased up to 160 blades, for a total amount of 145 THz of computing power.

the studio


Set in the conserved part of the building made of iron and bricks, with a windowed rooftop, our creative team is working  in a luminous and green environment. This main area consists in 20 workstations, and 3 realtime  editing stations. Management and project management is settled in attending office.