A grey robotic peregrine falcon flies off its nest, leaving behind his black egg. In the heart of this oval cell, mechanical parts are growing … his son is blooming.

Later a Carbon falcon unfolds. His wings open wide, his head emerges for under them. His eyes light up.In a far distance he sees something. An UR220. He takes off and rushes to his prey. His claws stretched forward, he is about to seize it, when a grey shadow outstrips him and catches the watch before. The father has outrun his son. A fight begins. High in the sky the two birds are confronting in an aerial series of aerobatics.Finally the watch ends up in the claws of the Carbon falcon. In a last attempt to grab it, the grey bird removes the blocking pin of the watch and launches the movement.

The Carbon Peregrine Falcon lands on his rock, with his prey. He has fought and won. He rests and overlooks the vast and mesmerising scenery.