In a futuristic universe, through a city drenched in fog, the encounter between two beings will initiate a new chapter in history, launch a new sequence, activate a new movement.
Largely inspired by science fiction culture, this series of movies was created on the occasion of the launch of a new Urwerk timepiece. Specialized in the design of new ways to display time, Urwerk has always drawn their inspiration from sci-fi.

We created 5 short sequences to accompany the launch of the watch throughout a phase of reveal on social networks.
The shape, the design of the watch and its time reading concept would only be revealed by tiny glimpses. Until the last movie it is impossible to guess what the watch would look like, and how time would be displayed.

Each movie carries various references to sci-fi movies history, codes and vocabulary. The ambiance of the scenery is dark and misty, the city lights give us few to see, as we are in a reveal sequence, we only show the minimum, to create curiosity, and frustration. Variation in scales helped us create a city scape widely inspired by the watch parts. We follow a ride through a vast and mysterious city made of geometric buildings made of what, in reality are tiny pieces of timepieces.
the last movie is a reveal of the watch and its movement.
All the parts will assemble to create this incredibly sophisticated watch, the UR-111-C.