The brand wanted to create a movie to present their new GMT minute repeater. This watch strikes home-time, and can display a secondary timezone. The movie had to express the idea of travel, and show the exceptional watchmaking know-how contained in this watch.

Telling a story that would evoke world travelling but without getting out was quite a challenge. We chose to use the iconic historical trunks created since the foundation of the company, and to pile them, as if someone was preparing to go on a trip. From some of the trunks, air balloons rise. Each one carries a little movement component. The balloons gather in the air and all the small elements find their place to form the minute repeater movement.


The trunks were lent by the L. V. museum. we created a 3D model for the pile with the exact measures given by the museum. This enabled us to create a full GCI animation before the shooting, in order to prepare the shots. This base also served for the ballons integration in the live shooting.
All the balloons skins and trunks labels were designed by us, in order to keep a good consistency throughout the movie.

The trunk pile was displayed on a 20 square meter turning floor, and the camera was operated on a 6 meter crane in order to be able to go and search each point of view, and especially the top view of the installation.