The themes of the sacred lotus and koi carp have their roots in the buddhist and asian philosophy of the cycle of life and nature.
The story that we have imagined is articulated around 4 parts that can be assembled as a whole or exist independently:
– China and Switzerland
– automatier and carp
– the sculptor and the dragonfly
– the painter and the lotus
each component connects an element of the timepiece to its know-how.
We chose to work in the manner of chinese prints or poems that describe nature with a certain softness and simplicity. They give an important place to the notion of space and emptiness that we represent with the presence of water, clouds, haze.

In reference to the cycle of life, the film presents itself as an allegory of the life of a sacred lotus flower. The lotus appears in its different states.

This film is made with images filmed by us and enriched with illustrated elements. The use of illustration brings a poetic and magical touch that counterbalances the realism of the footages.