The sand between your fingers
The silent rhythm of seasons
The intangible made visible through nature
I am the eye on the horizon
The intuition of time and measure
I am an instrument

The infinite cycle of tides and life
The closest unreachable
The shadow that can eclipse the sun
I am a look above the curve of the earth
The first step of one longest exploration
I am a companion

The perpetual fall of the moon,
The unbalanced oscillation of days and nights
A force that connects worlds
I am a distant vision of the planet
The observation of a perfect arrangement
I am a mechanism

The elusive messengers that carry your wishes
The enlightened veil of comets:
Falling brightness turned into shining stones
I am a glimpse of an even wider immensity
The pulsation of life spreading into emptiness
I am a masterpiece

Wonders revolving around the axis of their own universe
The dance of stars and constellations
The expanding immobility of time and space
I am an opened window over infinity
A whole new world on your wrist
I am Jaeger-LeCoultre