Respect the fruit

The film shows how at Innocent, they respect the fruit, they cherish it. They take care of its well being, its health and its beauty, so that it can grow and mature in an exceptional setting, both physically and psychological …
We show the dedication of the character (of whom we see only the hands) who takes care of the oranges every day for long hours and shows them every day that they are unique. He uses twice as much imagination and ingenuity for the well-being of his little wonders.

In this short film format, we tell all this story in a few shots. We focus on a variety of actions, beginning with a natural gesture to go crescendo towards a somewhat “offbeat” and somewhat excessive behavior of the man towards fruits.
In order to show how this love of fruit is inscribed throughout the life of the fruit, we will also play in a few shots with : the idea of time passing, the days and nights that follow one another.