PowerPoint & Html

the project

La Montre Hermès has commissioned us to create their international training tool.

This tool had to meet a lot of expectations : being international and multilingual, easy to update, easy to distribute anywhere in the world. It had to reflect the brand image and be also attractive for a pedagogic use.
We proposed to create a collection of Powerpoint files. Each file contains a lesson, specifically designed by us.

Then we created a web exchange platform to distribute the lesson instantly to every authorized Hermes staff around the world.

the design

The graphic design was built around the formal vocabulary of the brand. We used the color codes, and graphical objects derived from Hermès. We had to simplify and clarify each slide in order to create an attractive, easy to read and pleasant to study content. A large proportion of the screen is reserved for large images and animations.
All texts are integrated in PowerPoint to facilitate the translation.
Each slide is then animated, very lightly in order to give an impression of motion without being too aggressive or too long.


the platform

The platform is divided for two kind of users :
– end users, will be able to view and download the lessons.
– administrators will be able to add, modify and delete lessons and organize lessons directories, manage users and send messages to groups of users. They will also be able to monitor who has downloaded lessons, and what lessons each user has viewed.
The platform was designed in consistency with the training lessons.