THE context

Very early in its history, Hermès has created watches.
The brand wished to reaffirm its legitimacy in the field of watchmaking by producing a film with these early timepieces, true witnesses of the close link between the Parisian saddler and Swiss watchmakers.

A few years ago, Philippe Dumas, a renowned illustrator and member of the Hermes family had played with one of our images, adding many characters, creating a picturesque and fun image.

the idea

Based on this image we had the idea to repeat the experience, but this time for a whole movie.

So we wrote a story featuring various vintage watches. For each watch, small characters dressed in the fashion of the time, are moving around it. They prepare, take care of, and repair the watches.
A specific character is the link between all the scenes, passing from one to the other in a more or less burlesque way. He gives advice, guides the others and supervises this miniature construction site.