In addition to the film, Chaumet asked us to develop a website, to highlight this collection. This website also aims to enrich the digital experience offered by the brand through its institutional website by offering visitors a visit rich in immersion, surprises and interactivity.This site adopts an ergonomic form different from the institutional site, and gives the user the feeling of a free and pleasant visit through these collections.The pages unfold in the height, and  the elements come to settle delicately as we scroll. These elements are sometimes flat (drawings, photos), or sometimes in volume (objects, jewels, precious stones).The visitor moves his cursor over these elements that react by offering enriched content, animations or videos. One can thus go through in the pages and discover, information and surprises .

Each plant is devoted to a whole page, which deploys the photographs of the creations, the drawings of historical pieces that inspired the creations, the photos and videos of the stones that are set on the jewels, and many other elements.

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