The Maison Chaumet wanted to create a movie to present the Hortensia collection, especially the Hortensia ring made from rose gold, an angel skin opal, sapphires and diamonds.

CHAUMET also wished to highlight its history, connect the collection name with that of Hortense de Beauharnais, and evoke through her name the naturalistic spirit of the collection, its floral inspiration.

The film had to be edited in two versions: 30 seconds for web advertising and banners, and 1 minute 40 seconds for website and social networks.

CONCEPT: the essence of the collection

Inspiration, know-how and nature blend in this evocation.
Harvested for generations, the dew drops on the petals of the hydrangea serve as design elements. A gentle science, a white alchemy that transforms grains of water in as many gems. This film tells the transmission of a universe, a vision of creation. The narration is as natural as the collection. No metamorphosis, no transformation.

The flower as a permanent link between past and present, is the symbol of the know-how passed down from generation to generation.