Inspired by the splendor of the official adornments intended to establish the power of the couple formed by the Empress Josephine and Napoleon 1st, the Josephine collection offers flamboyant jewelry for extraordinary moments,  but also pieces that can make themselves become infinitely delicate and almost intimate.

The Maison Chaumet has asked us to highlight the duality of this collection through a woman who, like Josephine, would be able to be both powerful woman in the Official time and tender loving woman in privacy.

CONCEPT: suspenDING time
for a metamorphoSIS

It is this passage between two worlds that shows through this film: a suspension of time between public space and private sphere. A privileged moment where our heroine is taken from a swirling and prosperous world, and withdraws alone to prepare to join the beloved.

We film the transformation, the transition between these two facets of the same woman. discovering this metamorphosis, we can see how the jewelry that goes with it, while remaining the elements of a collection,  illustrate this duality.