As the fifth generation of the original, the 2022 Baume et Mercier Riviera revisits the fundamentals of the 1973 model. It has a dodecagonal – twelve-sided – bezel. To conduct the launch of the re-edition of the RIVIERA collection, BAUME & MERCIER wanted to produce an advertising movie and additional “teasing” video content.

BAUME & MERCIER looked for a different kind of commercial, more narrative and far from the usual watch industry film standards. This commercial had to highlight some iconic elements of the french Riviera, where it had to be located. It also had to feature some mandatory elements, like "Le Plongeoir" a restaurant settled in Nice, an electric car, a Wajer boat and a scene located in the "Hotel des Roches Blanches" in Cassis...

The story also had to feature a man and a woman, to emphasize the versatility of the watch.