The Baume & Mercier man is here played by a dandy. The color code that gives a graphic unit to all films is composed of gray levels (black and white) and a bright electric blue that brings a touch of modernity. This blue is a kind of leitmotif that punctuates all the films.
The dandy is our guide in this set of 5 films whose structure is identical. It aims to humanize technical innovation.
Each of the films present a specific feature of the Baumatic movement.

Each film begins with presentation of objects symbolically evoking the 4 features: Antimagnetic, Autonomy, Accuracy and Durability.
The man is staged in a sleek decor evoking a modern laboratory / loft.
Dressed with a suit, he interacts with objects that express very simply the benefits of each feature. The films end with a small offbeat scene to bring a fun / hedonistic touch to each piece of information and minimize the technical aspect of the message to make it more accessible.