The aim is to produce a series of films to accompany the launch of the “My Classima” collection on social networks.
With a duration of about 20 seconds each film presents the product and illustrates two universes: casual and formal, in both male and female versions.

Each film is composed of different sequences that are reassembled to be used as independent content. (Gif or cinemagraph)
A specific sequence presents the gift package and its unpacking.


The concept was developed to express the idea that the “MyClassima” watch can be worn on any occasion, whether in a formal or casual style.
Positioned in the center of the table, the watch remains the only static object in the compositions, all other objects are transformed according to the desires of the characters. The watch fits perfectly with both styles.

All actions are in the same frame: a top view in which the watch and objects draw a geometric composition. Hands will animate and transform the pictures.